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The Land

Stretching across stunning Alpine landscapes through north-east Italy to the border with Austria, South Tyrol presents you with towering mountain peaks lined with pine trees, forests and wooden gabled farmhouses.
The city of Bolzano looks back on a long winegrowing tradition and today produce superlative wines grown on the steep mountainsides. Spectacular south-east to south-west facing vineyards range from cool high altitude locations to warm sites close to the heart of the town.

Trentino - Alto Adige map

The People

The Rottensteiner family is one of the most ancient families of South Tyrol and its connection to the wine here has lasted for many generations. This is also reflected in the family name, which takes from the red-colored rock of the mountains around Bolzano, the porphyr (Rottenstein translate as “red stone”). Founded in 1956 by Hans Rottensteiner the winery is now leaded by his son Toni, his grandsons Hannes, Evi and Sylvia and nephew Klaus. Each family member is in charge of a specific site or vineyards, but no wine is bottled unless the entire family is absolutely convinced of it.
Italian producer Rottensteiner people

The Wines

Pinot Bianco (Weisserburgunder) DOC: grown in the higher vineyards around Bolzano, on sunny slopes with south-eastern to southwestern exposure and an in part sandy, in part argillaceous porphyry terroir to create a dry and lively wine with refreshing acidity
Muller Thurgau DOC: grown mainly in two vineyards high above the city of Bolzano, at an altitude of 600-700m, close to Rafenstein Castle. The altitude favours the development of the aroma and a good level of acidity. Most notable are the elegant aroma and the flowery notes
Pinot Grigio DOC: Pinot Grigio has become the most widespread white grape variety in South Tyrol. The grapes for this wine come from three different sites around Bolzano vinified in steel and create a complex wine,
with intense colour and flavours
Pinot Nero (Blauburgunder) DOC: Pinot Noir has been cultivated in South Tyrol for approximately 150 years, and it feels very comfortable in this area. South Tyrol’s Pinot Noirs are among the best in Italy. The grapes for this example come from the sloping vineyards around Bolzano and the wine is matured in large wooden barrels. Elegant, with distinctive sour cherry notes.

Pinot Nero (BlauBurgunder) 2016 DOC Alto Adige Rottensteiner
Pinot Grigio 2017 DOC Alto Adige Rottensteiner