The Land

Over 265,000…
This is the number of wine producers in Italy
divided between 20 regions and over 470 different denominations.
Out of this immense offering, only the bigger players
manage to have their names known in the UK market.
The objective of Vineyards Direct is to enable
small and micro producers to have their stories told;
their efforts recognized and ultimately
their wines known and appreciated.

Our Promises to You


100% Italian

A massive range of wines yet to be discovered.


Low Intervention Wines

Regardless of certification, all our producers intervene as little as possible in the whole process, simply letting Mother Nature work her magic.


Family Businesses

All the producers in our catalogue are family run, growing their own grapes to make a wine  to call their own.


Highest Quality

It’s somehow difficult to convey the care, the pride, and the actual love that goes into each bottle…so we just let the wines speak for themselves!

“Inside each bottle there is a true story, made of people, dreams, hopes, satisfactions, defeats and victories. Inside each bottle there are vineyards loved as daughters, despite the efforts to grow them. Inside each bottle there is the land, sometimes generous, sometimes instead stingy and surly, but always respected, as a mother respects. Inside each bottle there are wines made to communicate something of ourselves that maybe we can’t say with words. Inside each bottle there are those who make wine.”

Meet the Team

The picture below was taken in 2013, shortly after we established the agency. I’m now rounder and greyer; the kids are distinctly morphing into grumpy teenagers; and Veronica…well for some strange reason Veronica is exactly the same! We want to keep this picture as ‘team photo’ to reminds us of our beginnings, as well as the core belief behind it all: family.

Dario Langella – head honcho

The best wines
from small producers